How to Combine Sex and Sport, without Wasting Energy

How to Combine Sex and Sport, without Wasting Energy

The theme of the place of lovemaking in the sport is very popular and controversial. Many famous athletes have different views on how to correctly combine the lovemaking and training. Boxer Muhammad Ali refrained from sexual intercourse as much as 6 weeks when he was appointed an important fight, because he believed that it is very good effect on his condition before the fight.

Interesting Scientists` Notes

Through research, it was found that lovemaking increases testosterone and train endurance. In other words, sexual intercourse can be used as a warm-up; it allows you to recover faster. Sports doctors found that if you refrain from making love, it increases mental concentration and aggression in training, which leads to improved athletic performance.

There are facts that sex slows down the central nervous system. Therefore, it is not desirable to make it up to 3 days before hard training or an important fight. It is also found another interesting fact: if you refrain from love 7 training days, testosterone levels is increased by 45%, then there is a gradual reduction of the initial level.

Therefore, the most appropriate frequency of intercourse for those who want to have a high sports results – roughly 1 time per week. For ordinary people – 1 time every 3 days.

Scientists proved that testosterone would be significantly increased if a man is excited, but does not receive further orgasm. If you see any pictures or videos with erotic content within 15 minutes and then it will lead to increased testosterone levels by 100%. Athletes are also concerned about the fact that ejaculation leads to protein loss and energy consumption, and this is bad for muscle growth and recovery. But do not worry about it. During one sexual act it is spent only 50 calories and 0.1 grams of protein.

Do not Refrain – Train

Also, there is an important question – of the place of lovemaking before and after training. The opinion of most experts is the agreement that they are only useful if you have sex after a workout. This is because in this way increases immunity and recovery is faster. This reduces the risk of over training and this is a very big plus for bodybuilders, as their training often lead to a plateau (stagnation in terms of power). We do not recommend sexual intercourse before the workout, as it leads to fatigue.

Regarding the normal amount of lovemaking for the day, sports doctors advise not to limit their number, if the next day is not tired, but otherwise the frequency is reduced to one time in 3 days.

  1. Not for no longer a secret that exercise reduces stress levels in humans.
  2. This is because during heavy loads the body itself is under stress and releases a large amount of adrenaline in the blood. And thus there is a kind of emotional discharge.
  3. A man was at the time difficult exercise can swear obscenities, and it happens quite spontaneously.
  4. Of course, talking about sex immediately after heavyweight training is not appropriate, but more on that later, below he talks about sex after training and training for sex.

One of the most simple and obvious reactions of sports on a human sexual desire – is to increase blood flow to the genitals. When you exercise the blood begins to run quickly through the vessels and reaches all of his limbs. We are interested in the sexual organs today. For men the blood flow ensures an erection, and women – the swelling, and an increase in the size of the labia, sensitization.

On erection quality strongly affects the flow of blood to the penis; in fact, the size of the penis in erection depends on the amount of blood to fill it. The size can even judge the health of men, although this figure is not a medical confirmation.