Sexual function in older men

When we speak about impotence, we do not restrict the patients due to their age, because this deviation may occur to everybody due to bad habits, stresses, other health conditions and so on. But of course the age is one of the reasons. Older men usually have lower libido and lower testosterone levels. It does not mean that they do not have interest in sex but cannot be engaged in sexual activity due to erectile dysfunction. For such patients testosterone therapy is highly recommended. Of course they can buy cialis black in Australia at or any other ED medication and solve this problem for a time but it’s much better to start treatment and try to improve the situation fundamentally.



Testosterone is extremely important for a male sex life. It participates in creating sex drive, provides erectile function and produces sperm. In general in males it is responsible for male reproductive function and development of male sex organs. It also influences on development of voice deepening, growth of muscles, pubic and chest hair.

If the level of testosterone is low, the physicians recommend using the appropriate therapy. Recently testosterone therapy has become very popular and usually applied by older men because testosterone levels decline exactly when men gets aged. Though, gradually the process begins starting from 30 years old. So the findings of the correspondent researches carried out with participants at age 65 insist that the low testosterone causes erectile dysfunction in older men. When testosterone decreases, men feel a decrease in sex drive, start losing their hair, muscle mass and get increased breast size. So when they notice the mentioned symptoms, they should be evaluated for testosterone deficiency first of all.

The way out

The best treatment of this hormone misbalance is testosterone replacement therapy. It may be in different forms including oral medications, injections and applications of patches or gels to the skin. The results are fascinating: increased muscle strength and better memory, ability to concentrate attention and increased energy. And of course it increases libido. It can be called anti-aging therapy. But this miracle is possible only when the level of testosterone is low. When it is normal, there is no benefit in this therapy. Moreover, testosterone replacement therapy means some unpleasant risks. That is why a man can start it only after consultation with a physician. In males high testosterone can lead to problems with heart, enlarged breast size, testicle shrinkage, risk of prostate cancer and some others.

What do we mean saying low level of testosterone? The lowest normal range is 300 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL). The maximum limit is about 800ng/dL. There can be slight deviations from the specified ranges depending on the laboratory where it is measured.

Under any circumstances you can buy Viagra, Cialis or levitra professional and enjoy brilliant sex but at the same time you can cope with your health conditions trying to exclude the basic reason of this state so that your organism could go without the help of medication. More about testosterone therapy you can find out here

Premature ejaculation: representing a new cure


Can the acupuncture be considered a helper in lasting longer during the sexual intercourse? The research isn’t very optimistic, though the practice has been proved effective for long time.

Research: how it was done

The men who complained of their too short sexual intercourse (2 minutes and less) were observed by the Turkish researchers. During one month men experienced eight sessions of acupuncture practices. The acupuncture introduced was divided into two types: the real one and a fake one. The ones who experienced the real one, enlarged the length of their sexual intercourse by 30 seconds in comparison with the ones who faced the fake acupuncture (the needles weren’t inserted the proper way).

Daniel Hsu, currently working as an acupuncturist in New York, the Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture said the following thing: premature ejaculation is linked to the low serotonin, which is responsible for mood changes. Hsu didn’t conduct the study. He also noted that acupuncture enhances the nervous cells which consequently lead to an increase of serotonin and stands behind the ejaculatory control.

The next thing he mentions is that acupuncture leads to the improvement of sexual functions because it banishes the depression and stress. Results may depend upon the acupuncturist who performs the procedures. He also notes that in his experience if the treatment by acupuncture is the proper one, the improvements will appear in 3 sessions.

But the question of the acupuncture being the best sort of treatment or not can not be answered positively. Now let’s look at some recommendations given by the experts. Alan W.Shindel, who has M.D. and is a current urology professor at California University, declares that Food And Drug Administration hasn’t approved any kind of treatment. But according to his words, in general the urologists prescribe the treatment against depression in order to boost serotonin and hold off premature ejaculation. Antidepressants have a tendency to increase the time of ejaculation by 3 to 5 times (but this thing works only for men with the condition of premature ejaculation).

There is something else…

123There is one more solution that is normally offered by the urologists: to prescribe the sprays in order to numb the skin of the penis which reduced sensitivity. But the doctor adds that excessive numbing will deprive a man of pleasurable feelings.

There is one more option to consider, but it can’t for sure be called a treatment. Dr. Shindel suggests it makes it easy for you to recognize the moment of getting closer to the point of climax and control the ejaculatory reflex. You may improve your self-control by practicing stops and starts and visualizing elongated sexual intercourse when having sex. It’s useful to stop when feeling the climax to approach and calm yourself down a little.

Read the convincing story of this man and remember: you aren’t alone with your problem.

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